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Miracle jazz Orchestra I

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Welcome to THE MIRACLE WORLD THEATER Hyokkorin, a magic boy born from a gourd and his exciting journey to discover the wonderful music of the world. Drawn by Tatsuya Miyanishi, a picture book artist and writer loved all over the world, Hyokkorin and his friends, bring happiness, in their search for the wonderful music of the world. In Japan, "Miracle World Theater" makes use of light, video and sound, to bring an exciting musical drama with powerful live performances by famous young popular jazz bands and appearances by popular actors to the people. Collect them all . We hope you enjoy them.

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Asset Hash- 6445b2c9a567cfdfbf040e49502c07a9ab1d2999d52f17419e6fc46d4d3f9025

NFT Number- 458f7051a8c1e711dd9ae94730fb9bb597e1e752d2e0ef38729e98763752dbf0

Bank Hash- 163326f2d71244db75c1c0f4ca2bfee31dd4455ba57c473fde899fb64a7428ef

Bloom Filter Hash- c6eb7605e5f933e9835f82f71086ffa0c166b76625d777157449206b8b9b7f26

UTC TimeStamp of Generation- UTC 2021-3-15 23:16:27.359