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This “Ticket NFT” is sold by SMARTR JOINT VENTURE CAPITAL CORPORATION (Sm@rtr®), a Wyoming USA company incorporated on January 17, 2020.

This “Ticket NFT” was designed by NFT Economic Artist “@Vizionari”, the Founder and CEO of Sm@rtr®. @Vizionari designs “Economic Art” NFTs which deliver significant economic transformation value to the buyer thereof.

This “Ticket NFT” is an “Economic Art” NFT, which means that the NFT has an economic empowerment aspect to it, where the economic value that can be obtained by purchasing the NFT, significantly exceeds the economic value paid for the NFT. This “Ticket NFT” is a “RIGHTS DEPOSITORY”, where the rights embedded in the NFT are fully available to and conveyed to the buyer of the NFT at the moment the purchase transaction is completed. This “Ticket NFT” is associated with a digital piece of art that is a piece of collectible event memorabilia.

This VOTER “Ticket NFT” conveys the following RIGHTS to the buyer thereof: The RIGHT to be considered for participation in the voting process, to nominate specific NFT Awards “applicants” who submit their NFT projects within one or more “NFT ImpACT™”

Categories of the Awards Show that is part of The NFT Xperience! Festival, taking place during the 3-week period April 02nd to 22nd, 2022. While anyone can submit their own or someone else’s NFT project as a “Nomination Candidate” for the NFT Awards, only persons with a credible level of expertise in the NFT Space and in the Sustainability Impact space (social, economic & environmental sustainability/impact), will be afforded the opportunity to vote on which of the projects submitted, should be selected as the Nominees” for each category of Awards. The purchase of a Nomination Voter ticket is a method to deter unqualified persons from submitting themselves as a Nomination Voter

The management of SMARTR will at its sole discretion, approve or decline Nomination Voter allocations to individuals who purchase the Nomination Voter ticket NFTs. If a ticket NFT purchaser is declined for a voter allocation, their ticket purchase will be voided and their paid funds refunded in full.

The RIGHT to receive 9,900.00% CryptoCashBack™ on the purchase of the Ticket NFT, paid to the buyer as 12,500 units of SMARTR’s “TALENT” (XTL) Loyalty/Rewards Crypto Tokens.

The RIGHT of confirmed “Citizen Membership” status within The Global NFT SUSTAINABILITY TRANSFORMATION ALLIANCE, a coalition of Countries, Cities, Communities, Colleges, Companies, Charities and Citizens, committed to consistently taking MORE Pro-Sustainability ACTions™ and LESS Anti-Sustainability ACTions™ going forward.

Your purchase of this Ticket NFT is governed by the following Redemption Policy.

In order to exercise their vote if confirmed as a Nomination Voter, the buyer of this Ticket NFT may be required to temporarily transfer the Ticket NFT to SMARTR in order to complete their voting process, thus proving the they are a “confirmed” Nomination Voter in possession of a valid Nomination Vote Ticket NFT. If such transfer use case is implemented, the transferred Ticket NFT will subsequently be returned to the buyer once the vote process in complete.

Sm@rtr® reserves the right to fully and irreversibly REVOKE all rights associated with and conveyed via purchase of this NFT, if at its sole discretion, the buyer is post purchase, determined to be unqualified to purchase and enjoy the rights associated with the NFT. Grounds for disqualification include but are not limited to:

  • Failing Bad Actor Checks
  • Evidence of Fraudulent Activity regarding the Payment Instrument Used for the purchase
  • Previous purchase of the maximum 10 units of the same type of Ticket NFT
  • Posts online by the buyer which are abusive to others or are otherwise offensive/vulgar etc.

Sm@rtr® reserves the right to alter the “Method of NFT Redemption” for exercising the associated rights, if deemed necessary by Sm@rtr® at its sole discretion and any such change shall be communicated to the buyer at the earliest possible time following the decision by Sm@rtr® to effect any such change.

The buyer acknowledges that for compliance purposes, Sm@rtr® will not accept any NFT sale where the buyer’s legal identity and citizenship cannot be fully and definitively identified. The buyer therefore agrees to provide any requested proof of identity and citizenship as may be requested by Sm@rtr® at any time following the completion of the NFT purchase transaction.

Payment terms applicable to this NFT are as follows. This Ticket NFT may be purchased with any of the following FIAT or Cryptocurrencies:

  • USD (Credit/Debit Card)
  • USDT
  • USDC
  • BTC
  • ETH

Your purchase of this Ticket NFT is final unless Sm@rtr® finds grounds for the disqualification of the buyer of the NFT. If a buyer of this NFT is subsequently disqualified, the NFT will be VOIDED and the buyer must transfer the voided NFT back to Sm@rtr® in order to receive from Sm@rtr® a 100% refund of the purchase payment.

If the buyer of a VOIDED NFT does not transfer the VOIDED NFT back to Sm@rtr® within 30 days of being notified that the NFT is VOIDED, the payment made by the buyer shall become completely non-refundable and the funds received from the buyer as payment for the NFT, shall be donated to any legally registered charity selected by Sm@rtr® to receive it as a donation.

Each TALENT Loyalty/Rewards token received by the buyer of this Ticket NFT, has a guaranteed Loyalty Redemption Value (LRV) of exactly US$1.00 within the SMARTR NFT-based Digital Economy and Ecosystem.

The buyer will receive the TALENT (XTL) tokens within 60-120 days of completing their Ticket NFT purchase. SMARTR will determine the method of token delivery to the buyer, which may be to the buyer’s RubiX Market account, or to a separate compatible mobile NFT wallet.

TALENT tokens may be redeemed by the holder thereof on the future “NFT STORE” facility of The NFT Xperience!™ Brand, which will be activated/opened on the official NFT Xperience!™ Festival website at https://www.thenftxperience.live on or before April 02, 2022

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Asset Hash- 5923daea09413dc03f595b448c4df1d2b127279378ac39c5142de887f2902269

NFT Number- d3e142ac05e3f02bb1a957fbd1be59f401346160ade0b2dbc716afc3368a77a6

Bank Hash- 163326f2d71244db75c1c0f4ca2bfee31dd4455ba57c473fde899fb64a7428ef

Bloom Filter Hash- c6eb7605e5f933e9835f82f71086ffa0c166b76625d777157449206b8b9b7f26

UTC TimeStamp of Generation- UTC 2021-3-15 23:16:27.360